American Voice Factor

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Welcome to the official website of American Voice Factor! Here, you'll find exclusive details on AVF! We're a combination of all your favorite singing competitions: American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, and even international versions! Bitter your favorite didn't win their original show? Well maybe they can win AVF! Find voting details, performances, pictures, chat on the forums, and more. Also, for the latest updates, make sure to follow @AVFofficial on twitter.


AVF1- Hollie Cavanagh 

AVF2- Candice Glover

AVF3- Stacy Francis 

AVF4- Lil Rounds 

AVF5-  Alex Preston

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AVF6 Premieres May 8th

AVF will be premiering earlier than ever this summer! Our 2 night premiere event kicks off Friday, May 8th as well as Saturday, May 9th at 11:00 PM EST. Laura, Jeff, Emily and our soon to be named fourth judge will be in action, battling it out to fill their teams with the best collection of acts we have ever seen. Until then, browse old seasons, videos, the forums, and more here while we wait out the days before the season.

Alex Preston- Fairytales
(Winning Moment)

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