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Welcome to the official website of American Voice Factor! Here, you'll find exclusive details on AVF! We're a combination of all your favorite singing competitions: American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, and even international versions! Bitter your favorite didn't win their original show? Well maybe they can win AVF! Find voting details, performances, pictures, chat on the forums, and more. Also, for the latest updates, make sure to follow @AVFofficial on twitter.


AVF1- Hollie Cavanagh 

AVF2- Candice Glover

AVF3- Stacy Francis 

AVF4- Lil Rounds 

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AVF5 6 Chair Challenge Begins:
Team Laura and Team Emily
this Friday and Saturday

We are now officially half way through the AVF5 6 Chair Challenge! Team Jeff and Team Ashley faced off and only 5 from each team survived. However, 3 of the 4 all important steals have already been used. Team Laura stole Raelynn, Team Emily stole Elise Testone, and Team Jeff stole Jess Meuse. Only Team Ashley has a steal remaining. This Friday, Team Laura in all of its greatness faces off. Then, the 6 chair challenge concludes Saturday with Team Emily. How will the Top 24 finish out? Tune in this weekend to find out. Until then, browse the website for videos, pictures the AVF forums, and more!

AVF5- Episode 4